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Sinodun Chapter No 548 - Report : 28th September 2018

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Bombay Chapter No 18 - Report : 28th September 2018

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Donnington Castle Chapter No 856 - Report: 08th August 2018

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Bombay Chapter No 18 - Report : 28th September 2018


On Friday 28th September 2018, the Inspector General, V\Ill\Bro. Roy Stone 33°, attended the meeting held at the Berkshire Masonic Centre, Sindlesham.. There were some 35 in attendance, including numerous guests, amongst whom were the MWS of Chapters Nos 613 & 1165. Ill\Bro. Alan Lines 30°, acted as Treasurer, Ill\Bro. Revd Michael Seymour-Jones 31°, as ADC and E & P Bro. Terry Barber 18° as Outer Guard.

Following the opening, the MWS E & P Bro. Jeff Sirrell 18°, warmly welcomed the IG and visiting Brethren.

Ill\Bro. David Jarvis 32° proposed the minutes of the meeting held on 25th May 2018, be confirmed as a true record. This was seconded by Ill\Bro. Alan Lines 30° and carried by the members.

A ballot was held in respect of E & P Bro. Paul Benham 18, to become a Joining Member of the Chapter, which proved in his favour and he was formally welcomed by the MWS.

Ill\Bro. John Stocker 32, the past District Recorder, then presented a Supreme Council certificate to E & P Bro. Les Taylor 18°, in his usual excellent manner.

Ill\Bro. Alan Lines 30°, informed the members that as a result of the failing health of the Treasurer, Ill\Bro. John Holsman 30°, the annual accounts were incomplete, but he hoped to rectify this very soon.

The MWS submitted the report of his year in office, following which he carried out the Enthronement of E & P Bro. Martin Wright 18° as the new MWS.

The New MWS invested his officers and those elected by the Chapter, as follows:


Prelate Ill\Bro.Ron Stone 31°
1st General E & P Bro. John Cooley 18°
2nd General E & P Bro. Douglas Spencer 18°
Treasurer Ill\Bro. Alan Lines 30° 
Recorder  Ill\Bro. John Machray 30°
DC Ill\Bro. David Jarvis 32°
Almoner E & P Bro. John Ferguson 18°
Marshall E & P Bro. David Collis 18°
Raphael E & P Bro. John Ferguson 18°
ADC Ill\Bro. Revd Michael-Seymour-Jones 31°
Herald E & P Bro. Andrew Ferguson 18°
Capt of Guard E & P Bro. Simon Gillas 18°
Stewards E & P Bro. Terry Barber 18°
  E & P Bro. Darren Smith 18°
  E & P Bro. Michael Hogg 18°
  E & P Bro. 
Outer Guard E & P Bro. John Pegler 18°


The Address to the Chapter was delivered by the Inspector General.


Ill\Bro. Alan Lines 30°, presented the Past MWS jewel to the IPMWS.


The Almoners report, which included updates on Ill\Bros. Mike Bain 30°, John Holsman 30°, the Son of Ill\Bro. Mike Woolford 31° and the sad passing of Ill\Bro. Dr. John Rawstron’s wife, was followed by the collecting of Alms.


On the Risings, the Recorder delivered an appraisal of all correspondence received since the last meeting.


The Third Point was conducted by the MWS, following which the Chapter was closed.


The evening was concluded with yet another excellent meal, enjoyed in the most convivial atmosphere, where the usual Toasts were honoured.

Newly Perfected...

J MacGregor

Perfected 13th June 2018 into

Donnington Castle Chapter No.856

J Brunt

Perfected 25th May 2018 into

Bombay Chapter No.18

M Leeke

Perfected 9th May 2018 into

Donnington Castle Chapter No.856

G Mitchell

Perfected 3rd May 2018 into

Windsor Castle Chapter No.252

E Peirce

Perfected 27th April 2018 into

Sinodun Chapter No.548

M Cole

Perfected 27th April 2018 into

Maidenhead Chapter No.613

L Taylor

Perfected 20th April 2018 into

Bombay Chapter No.18


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