2019-20 Promotions

The Inspector General is pleased to announce the following promotions...


Awarded on 19th March 2019

Ill. Bro. M. Gibson to 30th Degree

Ill. Bro. V. Pearson to 30th Degree

Ill. Bro. P. Sands 30th to Degree


Awarded on 23rd April 2019 

Ill. Bro. J. Sirrell to 30th Degree


Awarded 4th June 2019

Ill. Bro. A Rees to 32nd Degree


Awarded 16th Sepember 2019

Ill. Bro. J MacNeil to 30th Degree

Ill. Bro. D Robinson to 30th Degree


To be awarded 6th November 2019

Ill. Bro. W Rhymes to 32nd Degree


To be awarded 4th December 2019

E&P Bro. P Mott to 30th Degree